Our Goal Is To Provide Comprehensive, Compassionate Care For All Your Four Legged Friends.

Our vet clinic is an ideal option – it is a medical institution in your area, on the way to which there are never traffic jams. It makes no sense to choose a vet clinic 5 km away from you, but at the same time – always 2 hours away.

You can see the operating mode on this page of the site below, but in case of emergency, a veterinarian is on duty who is always ready to help your pet.

Any veterinary clinic should have a book of reviews, certificates and permits on the right to provide veterinary services, including rabies vaccination, and we have all this information and permits.

The number of veterinarians in our hospital is sufficient to provide quick and high-quality care to sick animals. All our employees are professionals and have extensive work experience, as well as educational documents.

When certificates and diplomas hang on the walls of the veterinary clinic, this indicates that doctors are keeping up with the development of veterinary medicine, which is very good.

If your pet is accepted by an experienced veterinarian at a respectable age, but at the same time he has not completed a single refresher course in the next couple of years, then you need to understand that such a doctor works according to old beliefs, algorithms and schemes. This is not bad, but at the same time it does not allow the veterinarian to use modern technologies and new advanced drugs to diagnose and treat your pet.

Don't be afraid of young doctors! If they have devoted a huge amount of time to studying their specialization at seminars, webinars, conferences, master classes and actively conduct receptions at the veterinary clinic, be sure that such doctors can know many times more than a doctor with many years of experience who "stands still".

Our equipment is the most modern, in addition to the usual examination of the patient, we can do laboratory tests, ultrasound, electrocardiogram, X-ray, etc.

A veterinary clinic within the walls of the clinic is a great way to save your time and nerves in search of the right medications. Of course, there is not the entire range of medicines and medicinal feeds on pharmacy windows, but the most basic and in-demand is always there. You can also buy food for dogs and cats from us.

The attitude of the staff towards you and your pet, communication between employees, interior and convenience are very important factors in choosing a veterinary clinic. Therefore, we always try to do our best to provide you with a high level of service.

The main purpose of a visit to a veterinary clinic is a correct diagnosis and correct appointments. This is the basis for effective treatment of your pet at Corry Companion Animal Hospital.